Why you should protect your data: about the value of personal information

ICT / Why you should protect your data: about the value of personal information
The increase of digitalization, together with the huge number of beneficial opportunities given by the Internet, brought a vast number of options for stealing personal data. To avoid data leak, governments introduces volumes of laws of data protection, such as Togo`s law in 2019. Let`s look at the sophisticated term of data protection in depth. Data protection is a set of actions aimed at protecting human rights and preventing an organization from hacking, phishing, and other fraudulent activities. To be aware of all the details of the topic and its effective usage, I recommend you to start off of who gather personal information and why.

Who collects your data and why?

Believe me, you have never even thought about how many companies use open source intelligence for various purposes. So, there is a need to provide insight into the thicket of collection of personal data.
Correspondence, searches and date, social networks, geoposition are assembled and analyzed. This is the implementation of personal targeting for you to offer the perfect deal. You may have a wish of the powerful bike and goggle it, a few moments later the advertisement will spring into your eyes with an offer to buy.
Marketing research is widely implemented by commercial companies to identify the role of the product or service on the market. The viability is conducted through the direct communication with customers.
A great number of government bodies compile material conducting surveys and reviews. To obtain the correct result of statistical analysis, they need to take into account some of your personal facts.
Info collecting is directly connected with financial topics and credit rating. Banks may explore your credit record to approve or decline loans.
Commercial profiling targets at examining, analyzing, grouping, and after reviewing of statistics. It is used for determining trends and eliminating risks.
As a rule, corporate security of any organization has a strong structure of storing and protecting profiles of its employees. Targeting it, they use specifically designed software.
User activity and the amount of time spent of websites or applications may give a vivid picture of how affectively employees work during a day.

And what can go wrong?

Being implemented by huge organizations, it is crucial to invest into trusted security programmes. However, this is not a secret that even the most sophisticated and complicated system can break down. So, what can go wrong?
If the data leakage takes place, malicious actors can exploit your confidential information. They can easily send spam or phishing attacks, or ever steal your accounts.
This way of figures exploitation is widely used for determining and establishing incorrect or biased results.
False positives are also quite unpleasant errors. They appear as an alert of the present vulnerability even when there is now threat.

What can be done?

To deal with the unpleasant situations mentioned above, you have to take up preventive measures, such as:
Do not put additional marks on everything that you are asked on the Internet. Be responsible about agreements and authorization.
If you adore posting photos and texts on social networks, think carefully before sharing every minute of your life with the internet community. Some of such data can be easily exploited.
Registering on website or creating accounts in social networks, do not fill in the whole pack of information about you. Put down a necessary minimum. Optional fields are not required to be put down.
Make sure that your employer has already taken all the possible efforts on protecting physical and informational assets of their workers. Besides, they may offer you insurance in case of frauds.
Security tools aim at facilitating keeping your identity confidential. Classification software, monitoring software, backup systems, antiviruses, and tools for the browser are extremely helpful. Their cost is completely affordable comparing the price you will have to pay in case of data leak.
To be on the safe side, be aware of the potential frauds and speculations.

What are the outcomes?

Yet, we cannot stay away from modern technologies. The world moves forward into the age of data storage and protection. We become more and more generous of sharing our private data as we get much comfort and convenience in return. We understand that such gifts result in our low security but we try not to face the truth.
Do not be afraid, with decent responsibility and careful attitude towards your personal information, you may be confident of your safety. Helpful tools and personalized services are irreplaceable friends in developing security plans and their efficient application.

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